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Intuitive Healing Sessions

"When we let ourselves feel, our inner self transforms. When we act upon our Knowing and imagination, our outer worlds transform." - Glennon Doyle

Intuitive healing involves us working together in what could be described as a spiritual counseling session that incorporates both intuitive guidance and energy healing.  The session includes sharing meaningful, intuitive messages I receive from your Higher-Self & the Divine combined with a supportive conversation.  Intuitive healing gets to the root of what is preventing you from feeling whole, free and living your unique path.

During our session, I attentively listen to you share what is on your mind and heart.  I am able to deeply feel what another is feeling, allowing you to feel truly seen, understood and accepted.  I can energetically feel if your heart is closed, if you are carrying unprocessed grief, guilt, shame, fear- hidden emotions that you may not be aware you are carrying- emotions that may be hampering your growth, concealing your essential self.  I work with you to gently facilitate processing and releasing stuck emotions and blocks, assisting you to align to your whole self.

I hold a compassionate, safe space to intuitively guide you to and through your healing.  In this sacred space, I gently assist you with identifying, processing and releasing inherited or limiting beliefs, blocks and emotional wounds through Divine intuitive guidance.  Healing energy is also used to transmute negative lower vibrations, bringing you to into higher vibration and consciousness.

Healing sessions provide breakthroughs, insight, peace, clarity, awareness, shifts and transformation.  Intuitive healing clears physical, mental, emotional & spiritual blocks, raising your vibration. 

Clients leave a session feeling lighter, more peaceful, validated.  Clients feel more empowered, more freedom, clarity, inner-peace, understanding and knowing.  

Reduced Rates and Mini Sessions Offered 

Distance Healing (Phone Call) 

Sessions created to get to the heart of the matter

$110  $150

Distance Healing (Phone Call) 

Mini intuitive session to work on one or two focus areas


Distance Healing (Phone Call) 

An exploration for potential healing session


"The insight I gained through Amy was not only necessary but critical to my spiritual development.  I initially went in with questions and concerns that were obstructing my ability to be free for much of my life up this point.  Amy was able to assist in helping me to understand these debilitating factors and develop a road map towards further self realization and healing to discover my genuine self and purpose in this life.  Amy is a very comforting person who creates an inviting and free flowing environment making it easy to discuss some your deepest thoughts and feelings.  Thank you Amy for all that you have done and being a great person in assisting myself and others to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life."

—  Dusty ~ Isanti, MN

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