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  • aacianchetti

Scared, unsure... Something bigger within us may be emerging

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

This time of unknown, uncertainty, when will it end pandemic has significantly impacted me. This global pandemic has affected all of us. It has amplified any anxiety or issues we had prior to the start of the pandemic. For many it has contributed to anxiety and depression. And as a highly sensitive empathic soul, I have felt the anxiety and depression.

Personally I have felt like my life has been put on pause and shaken off balance. I have felt off for a while, and at times disconnected from myself. And I have also felt scared.

I feel scared because I have felt 'off'. I have felt scared that the future looks uncertain. I have felt scared because of feeling disconnected, not connected to Source.

I wanted to share this because just knowing we are not alone helps. In all of this I also know that the universe is for us. Maybe through this time of unknown, something even bigger within each of us is trying to emerge. What if the pandemic is serving a higher purpose in your life? Giving the gift of time. Time to look within. Time to sit with unprocessed feelings. Time to take a deeper look at how we were living our lives (was it for ourselves or for others).

I now see the pandemic has "gifted" me with an opportunity for a deeper level of healing. I no longer want to continue to feel off and disconnected, so I have been going within. I have also become curious about the possibility that something bigger wants to emerge in my life. A possible upgrade? 😉 What about you? 🙏


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