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Amy Cianchetti

It was during my own journey to healing and wholeness that I learned to reconnect to my heart.  This re-connection unexpectedly connected me to the heart of Divine unconditional love.  I hold each client in this safe, healing space of Divine unconditional love and truth.  I would be honored to be a channel and a guide, holding space on your journey to wholeness. 

I am passionate about helping to bring you back into alignment with your unique, brilliant essence through a compassionate healing space.  To help you feel seen and understood, while shining some light on your way is what brings me joy.  I love what I do. 


My Background 

As a young child I wanted to help others.  I followed the same path as others, going to college to secure a job and a future. However, in college I lost connection to who I was, lost connection to my heart and my true desires.  I spent many years wanting to help others in a deep soulful way but instead tried hard to fit into a conventional job that left me feeling stuck, drained and miserable. 

When I understood that I was an empath, it was a relief to finally begin to make more sense of who I was as a deeply feeling, intuitive, sensitive soul.  I wish that I could say recognizing this quickly changed the direction of my life, but that was not the case.  Since I didn’t know who I truly was at the time, I continued to struggle.  

For me it took depression and the unraveling of how I got there to connect to my true essence and purpose.  My own journey has not been without struggle, however those experiences and the clarity that I’ve gained further expanded my understanding, compassion and abilities as a healer.   Read More

After completing Cyndi Dale’s Subtle Energy Apprenticeship Program, I was able to fully step into my purpose as an intuitive healer.

Other Tidbits

Looking for any of my social media links -- me too ;-)   I am finally coming around to social media 🤗 So stay tuned :)


A collective healing option that I am also a part of - Comprised of skilled healers from diverse backgrounds.   

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