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I See You

I see you.  I feel you.  I hear you.  I understand you.  Let me help you discover your power.

Welcome!  I am happy that you are here.  I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

You don’t have to look for who you are… At our essence we are whole and perfect.  Healing our limiting beliefs, patterns, fear, anger, heartbreak, wounds and trauma reveals our unique essence, our brilliance and potential.

I work as an intuitive guide and energy healer.  I am here to be a witness to your soul’s journey.  To help to free and empower you by offering a space of unconditional love for healing and transformation.  I empathetically listen to you, allowing you to feel seen, heard, understood and validated.  I provide a compassionate heart-based healing space through intuitively guided healing sessions to help bring you back into alignment with your wholeness - your Divine truth.  

I am able to sense and energetically feel others’ imbalances and struggles, at the same time see their divine potential.   As an empath I listen attentively with my whole being, using all of my senses to receive an energetic imprint of your emotional and physical state.  I use this energetic imprint to illuminate our session. 


I feel called to this sacred work, to be of service as an intuitive guide and support to help bring you back to your true essence. 



Amy Cianchetti  pronounced Chinketti

I believe that being seen through eyes that are not critical and judgmental, healing will occur.  Your light and strength is powerful.  I hold a space to help you transform and transmute energy, and help you become your own healer.  I am passionate about helping you to see your inner beauty and limitless potential by moving through unhealthy thoughts, limiting beliefs and wounds.  I believe we are all unique, beautiful expressions here to shine our own light.


Areas I Can Help:

Feeling stuck, lost, fear, heartbreak, sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, forgiveness, trust, self-acceptance, relationship challenges, co-dependency, breaking through old thoughts, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns, realizing & expressing your unique path and potential