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I See You

I feel you. I hear you. I understand you.  I see your struggle and I see your Light. 

Welcome!  I am happy that you are here.  I look forward to supporting you on your journey.


Intuitive Healing

At our essence we are whole and perfect. Healing our limiting beliefs, patterns, fear, anger, heartbreak, wounds, trauma and cultivating self-acceptance reveals our unique essence and unlimited potential.

My mission is to provide compassionate healing sessions that reconnects you to your inner-knowing, your power, your true-self.  Intuitive healing gets to the heart of what is preventing you from living a fulfilled, empowered, purposely aligned life.    

Intuitive healing incorporates Divine intuitive guidance and energy healing.  Healing sessions include receiving intuitive messages from your Higher-Self & the Divine that guide the session combined with a supportive discussion, listening to you share your intention, struggles and story.  Receive intuitive guidance, clarity, insight, and gentle assistance in releasing blocks, emotional wounds and realigning to your inner knowing.

I work as an intuitive guide and energy healer.  I empathetically listen to you, allowing you to feel seen, heard and supported.  I am here to be a guide and a loving witness to your pain, your growth, your light.  I help guide and clear the way for you to see your life from a higher perspective, by providing compassionate healing to help bring you back into alignment with your wholeness - your Divine truth.  

I am passionate about helping you align to your joyful state, your inner knowing, your wholeness.  Express your light, your divine essence and gifts - the world needs your unique light.  :)

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Amy Cianchetti 

I believe that being seen through eyes that are not critical and judgmental, healing will occur.  I hold a supportive space to help you transform, to become your own healer.  I am passionate about inspiring you to see your inner beauty and limitless potential.  I believe we are all unique, beautiful expressions here to shine our own light.

Areas I Can Help:

Feeling stuck, lost, disconnected, struggling, fear, sadness, depression, anxiety, heartbreak, moving past anger, trust, relationship challenges, transitions, co-dependency, breaking through negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns, realizing & expressing your unique path and potential. 

Cultivating inner wisdom, clarity, fulfillment, personal growth, spiritual awakening, deep inner-peace, self-acceptance and joy

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